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We aim to cover all of your HP VCX 3Com Support & Maintenance requirements. Our team of engineers have more than 30 years of experience and are here to help!

3Com VCX Support

Need 3Com VCX Support?

Having problems finding 3Com VCX (HP VCX) support & maintenance? Look no further!


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Need VCX Phones?

We sell second user phones and VCX phone licences.

Are you experiencing problems finding 3Com VCX (HP VCX) support? Just because HP have stopped selling it and is soon to stop supporting it, that doesn’t mean it is not still a fully functional phone system.

At Typex we entered the IP Telephone market many years ago with the 3Com VCX solution and have a group of 3Com/HP qualified VCX engineers ready to offer you top of the line support and maintenance. We offer a range of second user VCX phones, VCX servers and VCX gateways, which can be used to replace broken equipment or extend your current installation. We have also developed tools to allow us to easily emigrate you from 3Com VCX (HP VCX) system to a ShoreTel telephone system (HP’s recommended replacement) – if would prefer to migrate to a new telephony system, although this isn’t mandatory.

Give us a call and we can help with any aspect of your HP 3Com VCX system – this can be anything from adding a new user to migrating off the VCX, creating a customised Typex support offering or providing you with HP VCX software and 3Com VCX Support & maintenance.


Buy 3com VCX Phones


Need more VCX phones? Increasing your user base? Or just replacing some broken ones? We have VCX 3101, 3202, 3500 and 3502 phones in stock now. Click the image to find out more.


Sip Trunking

SIP Trunking

Need more lines but can’t find the hardware to allow you to do this? We can provide the hardware, services and lines! Click on the image to find out more.

3com VCX Support

VCX Support

Need HP VCX Support (3com VCX support)? You are in the right place. Give us a call on

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VCX Document library


Check out our VCX Document library, It is full of documentation. You will also find tool, guides and how-tos.

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