SIP Trunking

How Sip trunking works

Why VCX SIP Trunking?

Typical Reasons:

  • Need more lines, but can’t find the hardware to allow you to do this?
  • Are you worried about the lack of hardware support on VCX gateways?
  • Interested in the cost savings SIP trunking will bring?
  • Interested in the extra resilience SIP trunking can offer?

All are good reasons and the best bit, this solution is open and platform independent (it is certified to work with a VCX system). Therefore, any phone system you may look at to replace your VCX system in the future, will be compatible with your SIP Trunks. We use the inGate SBC (it is a kind of a gateway for SIP Trunking) – check out the list of certified phone systems it works with here. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of SIP Trunking without worrying that you are locking your company into the VCX system.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is the next generation of telecom connectivity. It is going to fully replace ISDN (BT has already announced they are ceasing ISDN in the future). It uses IP connectivity to connect you to your service provider. This connectivity can be a dedicated link, over your existing internet connection, or over your WAN, depending on your existing network and your current provider’s network.  A lot more details can be found in this blog post from one of our Engineers: SIP Trunking 101 – The What and How of SIP Trunking


This is the easy bit – give us a call and we can talk you through how we can install SIP Trunking in your business. If you have a copy of your telephone bills, we can also do a cost comparison so you can see how much money you can save.


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