VCX Hardware

We have a range of second user 3Com/HP VCX hardware in stock. This hardware can be used to replace broken equipment, extend existing installations or have as warm spare. We typically have the following products in stock:

  • VCX 3101, VCX 3102, VCX 3103, VCX 3105 Phones
  • VCX 3500B, VCX 3501, VCX3502 Phones
  • V7000 VCX Primary Servers
  • V7000 VCX Secondary Servers
  • VCX Connect 200 Primary Servers
  • VCX Connect 200 Secondary Servers
  • V6000 + V6100 Gateways
  • V6000 + V6100 Gateway PRI Cards
  • V6000 + V6100 Gateway BRI Cards
  • V6000 + V6100 Gateway FXS/FXO Cards
  • V7111 VCX ISDN Gateway
  • V7122 FXS Analogue Gateways
  • V7122 FXO Analogue Gateways
  • V7122 FXS/FXO Analogue Gateways
  • V7000 Spare RAID Disk
  • V6000 + V6100 Spare RAID Disk

For prices, more information or if the item you need is not listed above, please contact us.

3com HP VCX Hardware

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